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Hangeng is #1 among 100 New Actors

Han Geng was ranked as No. 1 among 100 new actors in this index list, which means he receives the highest score among 100 new actors in this Morality Satisfaction Investigation. (his score was 184.93)
*Brief Introduction to This Ranking:
The evaluation index system ...of this Morality Satisfaction Investigation was designed based on a “pyramid” principle and the “newshole” theory. Combined with the actual situation of China’s celebrities, the indicators and a continuous index set was rigorously selected to reflect the moral quality of actors in public opinion.
The investigation is composed of three parts: online survey (20%), public opinion poll (telephone interview and street interview), and expertise evaluation. The morality satisfaction index list is one of the five index lists which are used to make a comprehensive assessment of public image of the Chinese celebrities. The five index lists include moralities, professional qualities, activities for public good, social influence, and commercial value. The entire investigation has been conducted for about one year, and the one who gets the highest total score in combination of the five index lists will receive Hua Ding Award, which is the most influential and authoritative award regarding public image of Chinese celebrities. Han Geng belongs to the new actor group.
The final result = online survey + public opinion poll + expertise evaluation

p/s : A Gengfan received the telephone interview about this survey. For sure, she said she wanted to evaluate Han Geng, the investigator said, ”Okay, I got it, but, would you mind evaluate some of others, since we’ve got too many people evaluating him?” (LOL!)

Link: http://ent.sina.com.cn/s/m/2010-01-19/09062848972.shtml
Engtrans: bristlegrass@forhangeng.wp


Sungmin and Yesung were double casted for the lead role of Hong Gil Dong in the musical Hong Gil Dong. The Musical will be performed at the Woori Art Center, Olympic Park. From March 2, 2010 to April 30, 2010.

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Eunhae filming a CF?

I don't know if they are filming a CF or what. But I think they are.

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Donghae and Siwon film a CF

Donghae and Siwon did filming for a CF on 100111
cr : EUNHAElovergettogether

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Jumunjin Premiere


SM family attends Jumunjin Premiere of KiBum :)
- There was a VIP preview event for “Jumujin” at the Lotte World on the 15th.
Jungmo, TVXQ’s Changmin, Superjunior’s Heechul and Leeteuk, together with Lee Yeonhee had attended the VIP preview event.
- The small and peaceful Gangwon-do was the beautiful landscape scene for “Jumijin”. Farm girl Jini (Hwang Bora) and Go Seuteu who lost his lover (Kim Kbum) will have a magical-like love story. “Jumujin” will be in theatres on the 21st January.

Source: onlysj13.com
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET


It's good to know that it's not just the members in Super Junior that are supporting Kibum, but other in SM too.

Kangin's Court Case Judgement



Kangin Will Be Fined 8 Million Won !!!
- On January 13th, Seoul District Public Prosecutors’ Office has decided
to file a summary indictment against Kangin for his DUI and hit-and-run
back then in October, 2009.
- Kangin will be fined 8,000,000won (about
$7,125), and he can avoid being imprisoned.